Friday, November 4, 2011


Handbooks, many varieties, many uses. Get your Boo one.

HandBooks - for field notes

HandBooks, books for your hand. Custom books for notes anytime, anywhere. Fits your life, style and pocket. HandBooks are serviceable, so fill it up, and refill it, the American way. Comes in leather and cloth-bound varieties, suitable for all tastes. $25 for cloth bound, 35 for leather, email me for customs. Ghoom

A Journal

My latest journal is cloth-bound using a vintage geological map for the inside cover. The book is stab-bound for serviceability. When the client has filled the journal, The old notes will be soft-bound for reference and a fresh block will replace it. The Paper is Mohawk in eggshell, and the binding thread is waxed Irish linen. (8 x 5.75") Commission NFS. GHOOM