Friday, March 27, 2009

Just in Case You Were Wondering

 Fun With Matches is a title I came up with when thinking of how the creation of fire relates to my recent illustrations. In order to start a fire you need three legs: Oxygen, Heat and Fuel. Without one of the three components, a fire cannot be created. Like fire, our intent to create what's around us (i.e. all things man-made), I find there needs to be three components: kinetic energy, some sort of meaningful intent, and an object in which the intent is acted upon.

The two concepts equate as follows:
Heat = intention or idea ( I like to think of "heat" in terms of a spark)
Oxygen = kinetic energy ( or the physical means to act on an intention)
Fuel = object

When the three come together something is made. I 've been working on images of what happens when the three components cancel each other out. The act is turned upon itself, like a self consuming fire.

 To sum up, Fun With Matches is a collection of images of people destroying themselves when there is nothing to create. For more information on Combustion click here.
This is the inside cover of the book. I was going to make this the cover but i decided to keep the image for a clean white surface, so this will be included in the meat of the book. The Image will be over the credits.


This is the mock up for my book. The book contains images that are on the blog. Im making an edition of 10 books, which will feature the poetry of Andrew Payton.  I hope to finish production by the opening of my show. This pools all of the things i have learned in the last 4 or five years. I feel very lucky to have the knowledge and skills to do something like this. 

Fun With Matches - A Book

I will be screenprinting this poster for my up coming book and first solo show. The dimensions will be 16" x 20" and might come in different colors. Im going to try to make a very limited edition (20 0r so) to sell for a reasonable price. The show will correspond with the senior Art Exhibit April 23rd. If you come on that day you will get more bang for your buck ( I'm talking Time Bucks here). so please come out to see it. All the info will be posted shortly

Fun With Matches - A Book

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Drumattix - New York

  I took a trip to new york this past weekend to paint a logo on a wall.  My long time pal Dan Brenner (of Brenner's Breaks and 100 dbs ) commissioned me to paint his wall with his recent brainchild DRUMATTIX. We have been known to team up in the past with the wall painting, but i have to say that this is my far the most efficient wall project by far. With the help of fellow artist Sarah Kirby  and her magical projector, we got the image on the wall in one weekend (sans sleep).