Sunday, August 31, 2008


18" x 30"
Sold Out

This print titled "How(?)" is based on the legend and reality of the Native American history.
the silhouette shows a Native American on a wild stallion, spear in hand and feather adorned. In the Background floats a large hand in a position of many meanings. I chose the hand to symbolize greeting, truth (as in justice), vulnerability, and in a sense peace and naiveté. In the hand holds a hazy image of an elderly Native American woman smoking tobacco or something of the like. The entire print is meant to showcase the duality of how we perceive the "Indian" legacy is in our minds. One sense is that of a bountiful culture that both harnessed and revered their land and their animals. On the other hand we also see them as a society we've conquered and shoved aside like a child's toy three weeks after Christmas - spent and ragged.

3D Movie

perpetuation of segregation
15" x 22"
Sold Out

I titled this print "Perpetuation of Segregation". The print is part of a series on dualities in our society. I appropriated the LIFE image of an audience watching the first 3-D movie in 1952. The image is contrasted by two slave silhouettes hovering over halved watermelon. above the audience is a lion rendered in a 3d effect. The movie the audience is watching through some research is "Bwana Devil" about a man-eating lion in Africa. The silhouettes are from an old print of slaves fighting over watermelon while a slave-master and his wife gleefully stand in the background - fully entertained. The duality is based on the fact that the technology of the time is sadly supplemented by the objectification of a race and environment still found inferior and/or beastly when it was put on screen in 1952. The lion at the top is meant to bridge the to images below without being to crass. I have long since sold out of this print (one of which was sold at a silent auction at Maryland Art place's Out of order exhibit).

Work In Progress

On August 23rd I attended Pyramid Atlantic's closing Reception for Scratching the Surface exhibit. "homeward bound", (see January's post) was a part of the show. I got a lot of positive feedback and sold out of the print that day. The Question i was asked the most was "Where can i find other work of yours". This question left me excited to show them and immediately disappointed in myself for leaving this blog unupdated for so long. which brings me to todays' post. I'm going to be uploading and posting my work for your viewing pleasure. This will take a while so please visit my blog often to see my past work. Thank you.